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Mold Removal

  If your home or business has mold problems then you likely already know just how difficult it can be to properly remove it and clean your building. Any home or business can develop a mold problem and can become quickly overrun with mold especially if the home or building has had water damage. Mold produces allergens and irritants that can quickly spread throughout the building and can cause serious harm to individuals depending on the type of mold and also the individual.

  If your home or business has a mold problem, then our business can help with mold removal and extraction. Mold can be very dangerous especially if you don’t’ know what you are doing. Many individuals try to clean the mold themselves and have faced some serious health issues. Hiring a trained professional is the best step as we can inspect and assess your building. If we find mold, our technicians have the proper training and equipment to take care of the mold removal.

  We conduct a mold assessment of your property in which we identify the location or locations and the extent of the mold hazard to your building. In some cases the mold may not only be visible on the walls or floors but it may be a deep seated issue that continues into the walls and sometimes to the bones of the structure. This is especially the case for buildings that may have water damage due to leaking pipes, plumbing, or have recently flooded. Once we have assessed the building and found the extent of the mold as well as the type of mold we conduct mold remediation which is the process of the mold removal and extraction. We also conduct cleanup of the mold and particles from the inside of the building.

  If you find mold in your building you may be tempted to just take care of it yourself but what you may not realize is that the mold issue may be more than what you can see. By hiring a professional mold removal company you are ensured that all of the mold is found and removed, which helps ensure that the mold will not return and also that it is being done in a professional manner. As trained professionals we can offer quick responses when you call for assistance as that prevents further damage and can reduces the costs of damages that the mold can cause.

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