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A few Questions Answered For You.

A: This is a great questions, it seems that a majority of people do not know what type of contractor they should hire for their project. Many know that there are Electrical and plumbing contractors but when it comes to everything else that needs to be done in their home they just assume that they need a General contractor for the job. Although getting a general contractor is a good place to start, it is not always the best scenario. For example let’s say you need a plumber so you call a general contractor because, “they do everything, right?” Wrong, they can oversee pretty much any project but they cannot perform the tasks on every project. A general contractor can only do three trades on a job, unless they have additional licenses for each one of the trades, and one of those trades must be framing. If there are more trades do be done then the contractor will have to hire subcontractors, other licensed contractors, for those specific trades. If the contractor arrives and there is no framing to be done then by law they cannot do the work, they can over see the job, but they must hire specific licensed contractor for that job.

Here is a list of each Trade and the appropriate contractor License for that Job:

  • A: General Engineering
  • A: General Engineering
  • B: General Building Contractor
  • C-2: Insulation and Acoustica
  • C-4: Boiler, Hot water heating and Steam fitting
  • C-5: Framing and rough Carpentry
  • C-6: Cabinetry, Millwork and Finish Carpentry
  • C-7: Low Voltage System
  • C-8: Concrete
  • C-9: Drywall
  • C10: Electrical
  • C11: Elevator
  • C12: EarthWork and Paving
  • C13: Fencing
  • C15: Flooring and Floor Covering
  • C16: Fire Protection
  • C17: Glazing
  • C20: HVAC
  • C21: Building Moving/Demolition
  • C23: Ornamental Metal
  • C27: Landscaping
  • C28: Lock and Security Equipment
  • C27: Landscaping
  • C28: Lock and Security Equipment
  • C29: Masonry
  • C31: Construction Zone Traffic Control
  • C32: Parking and Highway Improvement
  • C33: Painting and Decorating
  • C34: Pipeline
  • C35: Lathing and Plastering
  • C36: Plumbing
  • C38: Refrigeration
  • C39: Roofing
  • C42: Sanitation System
  • C43: Sheet Metal
  • C45: Electrical Signs
  • C46: Solar
  • C47: General Manufactured Housing
  • C50: Reinforcing Steel
  • C51: Structural Steel
  • C53: Swimming Pool
  • C54: Ceramic and Mosaic Tile
  • C55: Water Conditioning
  • C57: Water and Drilling
  • C60: Welding
  • C61: Limited Specialty
  • ASB: Asbestos Certification
  • HAZ: Hazardous Substance Removal Certification

For more details on the specifics of each trade please go here.

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