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Home Inspection

  Its Is Important to know you are purchasing/selling a Safe up to date home, no one wants to get hurt, or lose money.

What Is A Home Inspection? A home inspection is a visual examination of the structure of a house, from the roof/ceiling to the floor/foundation.

Professional is in need. Luckily for you, BST Construction offers these services. It is always important to hire a Professional with the proper training to inspect the safety of the structure, he/she knows exactly what to look for and what it means to have a building "Up To Code"

Buyers Home Inspection

Know the condition of the house you are about to purchase, know its safe, know its durable. An Inspection could save you money and time, know the property best before decision of purchasing, and know future problems are taken care of at the time of purchase.

Know the history of the structure, make sure to know if past construction was done to code, by a licensed contractor of the appropriate trade, and at that time a Professional Inspector had Inspected the additions made to the property.

Any suggestion made to meet to code will have to be met before any further actions are made.

Sellers Home Inspection

When selling your home, it is illegal to fraudulently conceal major physical defects in your property such as a Roof that leaks during rain, or any other conditions. Many states now require sellers to take an active role by creating written disclosures about the condition of the property

you could ultimately end in a Lawsuit, compensating the buyer for the costs of the damage caused by any concealed issues.

It is important to know, exactly what condition your structure is in, so it is highly suggested you hire a Professional to inspect the entire structure, from the flooring to the ceiling, every room, basement and garage.

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