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Fire Damage Restoration /

A few of the ways we can be of assistance to you.

  Fire damage is the worst whether is affects much of your home, or a little. Smoke damage alone is a vexing problem. Whether or not your home has been consumed by flames and you need a build back, or just parts of your home or certain rooms received the damage, The BST Construction is here for you.

  Having worked on both large and small fire damage jobs, we have the experience necessary to repair and restore your home or place of business. Fire damage is risky and dangerous. If you have fire damage, don’t try to make repairs on your own. You’re going to want to use a company that knows the necessary precautions and procedures for fixing the damage.

  Don’t let fire damage get the best of you, let The BST Construction get the best of it for you. We’ll work with your insurance company and repair your home back to normal. We’ll take that headache and stress you’re experiencing and turn it into relief and even a smile.

  Fire damage is stressful. Don’t fan the flame by hiring inexperienced or shoddy contractors. You’re going to want a contractor who is licensed, bonded, insured and in good repute in the field at large. We have great relationships with homeowners, business owners, insurance companies, and fellow contractors. We’ve been in the business for years. You can read more about our founder on our “About” page.

  You’re looking for a fire damage restoration company? Choose us and be pleased with our work and dedication to your situation.

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