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A few of the ways we can be of assistance to you.

  Clogged sink? Bathtub backing up? Maybe your toilet is blocked? If you have an EMERGENCY PLUMBING issue you need to contact us right away, our phone lines are open 24/7 and we can be there in as little as 30 minutes. An overflowing sink or toilet can cause huge damage in a house. Estimates on water damage in a bathroom or kitchen have come in as large as $80,000 in damages. If you see water gurgling, a slow drain or odd noises when you flush get a hold of us, we can help. We specialize in plumbing repairs both big and small. Have a cracked foundation? Broken sewer line? Leaky pipes? We can remove the damaged area, dry the infected area, replace the area with up to code materials and or hardware that will give you peace of mind knowing your job was done correct.

The great news is, due to our relationships with the insurance companies, most flood, water damage, mold remediation, water clean up and construction build back is covered by your insurance. That means we can take care of the flood or plumbing issue and then turn around and bill your insurance. There is no money out of pocket for you.

Water damage unattended can bring mold into your home. Mold is a serious issue causing respiratory problems, rash, sickness, and left untreated, even death. The health hazard for children and pets is astronomical. Here at BST Construction we handle it all. We can locate the problem, dry the infected area, repair the damage, run tests for mold, eradicate all problems and finally perform the necessary construction needs to put your home back together, better than it’s original state. Our plumbing services cover the Southern California area and our plumbing technicians are standing by the phone, Call NOW!

A Few Of Our Emergency Plumbing Jobs