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A: If you find water leaking near an electrical source, like an outlet, stay away from it to avoid shock. It is imperative that you turn off the main power supply to the house when possible. Sometimes it can be found outside on the side of the structure. If it is inside, like in a utility room, basement, or garage, be absolutely sure that the structure is stable before entering. If there is standing water near the power supply do not attempt to turn it off yourself, contact an electrician as soon as possible. You should always assume that the power is still functional, even in the case of a local power outage, and have it turned off as soon as possible. Never use any electrical device while in standing water, and do not try to vacuum remaining water with a household vacuum. If immediate reconstruction is not necessary and you decide to stay at the property, be careful when using a generator for your power needs. Do not use a generator in an enclosed area, as it will release toxic carbon monoxide while in use. In the case of a home remodeling, take note of all damaged power outlets that need to be replaced or repaired. Electronic devices that were not submerged may still be functional when given adequate time to dry. Never test a device that you determine is still wet, it may cause shock or destroy the device. Make sure to turn off the power to every affected room, especially those where the water level rose above the outlets. Once the power is off, unplug and remove all electric appliances before you remove any other items from the house. Document those that need repair and those that require replacement.

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