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Blythe, California /

Being part of a region of agriculture found in the Colorado Desert, Blythe is located in Riverside County. It's also considered part of the Palo Verde Valley, which itself is a smaller region of the Lower Colorado River Valley. The Colorado River winds its way through the city at the border of Arizona, making it a popular tourist destination for Southern Californians throughout the summer months. Blythe was named after Thomas H. Blythe, a financier, the man who also established the water rights to the river in 1877.
Incorporated in 1916, Blythe is home to over 20,800 people. It lies at an elevation of 272 feet and was once subject to major flooding due to its location along the Colorado River. In 1922 the floods became disastrous and the city sought help from other local towns and the state of Arizona itself. Later the Parker and Hoover Dams were built to correct this and have since been extremely effective in the prevention of further flooding.

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